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This piece received an Honorable Mention from ICOT Call for Score 2020.
The imagery in this piece takes influence from the sound of Gamelan, a traditional set of bronze gongs native to Indonesia. Unlike “Gamelan Suite” for solo guitar which I wrote in 2019, this piece contains a vivid energy and polyrhythmic textures which depict an exciting journey. This piece has an innocent and childlike quality characterized by its short, high-energy, moto perpetuo passages, which remind the listener of rollercoasters and amusement park sounds. This free-spirited energy is hopeful and bright, showing excitement for the future. While life under quarantine can often feel sluggish and repetitive, this piece was written to contrast the challenges our society faces in these difficult times and to help us remember the world that faces us when lockdown ends. I sincerely believe that, despite the pandemic we all face, it is possible to find happiness in even the most challenging circumstances. 

Scurrying Gongs for solo piano

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